SMARTKIDS is rich with self-directed educational environment-block, computer, manipulative/math, writing, art, science, dramatic play and large-motor centers.


Students explore and learn new themes through LCP and/or TCP upon nature of language and age groups whilst 3-M methods are used to measure the cognitive growth.

The 3-No Rules

Students’ talents, development and rights are guaranteed and protected by the rules of three NOs: No Physical, No Mental, and No Sexual punishment/harassment.
School Principal

Message from the Principal

As the School Principal of Smartkids International School (SIS), I would like to warmly welcome and thank you all for trusting and choosing our education service for your children.

SIS is a British-Cambodian standardised education service provider with a clear vision, precise mission and feasible goals. SIS specialises in Khmer General Education, English General Education and Part-Time English classes. We currently have around 3000 students across 3 schools in Siem Reap and 1 school in Phnom Penh.

SIS works in partnership with you to provide the best possible education environment for your children.

Sincerely Yours,

Seng Long

School Principal

Smart Kids Equations

Quality Pupils

Qp = KLM + C

Student’s Quality is guaranteed as they will earn Knowledge, Life skills, Morality and Confidence.

Quality Mechanism Equation

Quality Mechanism

Qm = SPP + C

Quality Mechanism is of four elements: School, Pupils, Parents and Community.




Each lesson is an interwoven mix of intellectual, socio-emotional and physical aptitude development yet it goes through play, learn and grow.

Quality Citizen Equation

Quality Citizen

Qc = KEC + S

Students become qualified citizens when they have successfully learned Khmer, English, Chinese language and skills.

Programs and Fees

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