School Regulations

Board of management of SIS would like to introduce parents/ care-givers some important articles as indicated below:

Terms of Regulations

Article 1: Students must be at least of 18 months old.

Article 2: Students from 18 months old shall be arranged to study in play group.

Article 3: Two – three year old students shall be arranged to study in pre-kindergarten.

Article 4: Three – four year old students shall be arranged to study in kindergarten 1.

Article 5: Four – five year old students shall be arranged to study in kindergarten 2.

Article 6: Five – six year old students shall be arranged to study in kindergarten 3.

Article 7: Students from six years old shall be arranged to study in grades 1-12.

Regulation for Students

Article 1: Students shall come to study from Monday-Friday (Monday-Saturday for grades 1-12)

Article 2: Students shall come to study punctually and regularly.

Article 3: Students shall wear the school uniform.

Article 4: Schoolboys shall have their hair cut suitably short.

Article 5: Students shall have their nails clipped suitably short.

Article 6: Students must turn their phone off while in class.

Article 7: Students shall behave as good students, citizens, children and friends.

Article 8: Students shall not cheat during tests or exams.

Article 9: Students are not allowed to stay outside the school yard or go home before the school ends or before parents come to pick them up.

Article 10: Students are not allowed to bring in the school yard any types of weapons or gunpowder.

Article 10: Students shall not associate with drugs and/ or other kinds of addicted products while in school yard.

Article 11: While in the school yard, students shall do anything which is against the ethics of Khmer society.

Article 12: Students shall not find fault against other students and/or teachers.

Article 13: Students shall not intentionally destroy other students’ and/or school’s property.

Article 14: Students who breach any article from articles 1 to 13 of the regulation for student shall confront the school’s disciplinary committee and/or the Cambodian law.

Article 15: Early-age students shall come to school with an extra set of clothes.

For parents/Care-givers:

Article 1: Parents/care-givers shall pick up their children no later than 12.00 a.m. for morning shift and 18.00 p.m. for noon shift. In case of lateness, please inform the school’s staff as soon as possible.

Article 2: If parents come to pick up children before school ends, please contact the school’s administrator for permission.

Article 3: Always show your pick-up card to SIS’s staff before picking up your children. In case you have lost your pick-up card, please contact the SIS’s staff and pay $1 dollar for a new one.

Article 4: Parents/caregivers shall not send children to school when they are sick.

Article 5: SIS commits to bring quality education for students but has no obligation on students’ health or illness.

Article 6: In case of a serious accident happening in the school yard, SIS applies first aids to student(s) and then quickly informs parents/caregivers by phone. We will inform by letter if the wound is not serious.

Article 7: Parents/caregivers or guests are not allowed to enter the school yard with prior appointment.